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Alpacas make me LOL

Oh, how cute are alpacas? On our trip back from Novotel Forest Resort on the weekend, we had a bit of time to stop off at the Creswick Woollen Mills. Outside the mills, there was an inflation of alpacas sitting on the grass, munching away. I have never seen an alpaca up close before, so you can imagine the squeals of delight as I set sight on these amazing creatures.

These alpacas had recently been shorn and I noticed that some tufts of hair had been left on their faces, making them look so cute!! 


Did you know that the collective noun for a group of alpacas is known as an inflation?  I thought inflation referred to the increase in the cost of living. I prefer the "fluffy" type of inflation! 

Have you seen anything lately that has caught your attention, like these alpacas have for me? What was it? I'd love to know! 

Suzi x


  1. Aw I Tawny Frogmouth bird at work they are starting to come in all the time they are so cute!!,r:7,s:0

  2. Sounds exciting Steph! I would imagine you would get the opportunity to see so many wonderful animals at your work. Lucky girl! x


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