Thursday, 31 May 2012

Style vs Fashion

Can I have great style without being in fashion? The answer is yes, of course. Great style does not mean wearing the latest trends. Trends come and go, but real style lasts a lifetime.

I would rather have great style than to wear the latest trends. I am not a trendsetter, but rather a person who looks to the classics. I believe in investment dressing, which means buying timeless pieces that will still remain stylish, year after year and time after time.

Yes, I love some trends that come and go, such as the liberty prints, pastels and lace. However, I can't see any point in wearing head-to-toe trends. What I prefer, is to select a trend and work this into my existing wardrobe. That way, it keeps the look fresh and chic. It's also a way to save money in the long run, since it's pretty much like shopping in your closet.

I look to style icons, such as Audrey Hepburn, for inspiration. She was a woman who truly reflected the very essence of classic, timeless style. I'm sure that Audrey still managed to have a little fun with trends as well, no doubt, whilst staying true to herself.

So, tell me if you agree or not that you don't have to have be wearing the latest trends to be a person who exudes great style. What are your thoughts? 

I have had one of the busiest weeks all year with typing student reports. I'm looking forward to submitting them next week!! I hope your week has been fabulous! Have you got anything special planned for the weekend?

Yours in style,

Suzi x

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Saturday, 26 May 2012

waves & ruffles

When I need a lift, I opt for a change of hair-do. My trusty GHD hair straightener is definitely something I cannot live without! I have been tired of wearing my hair dead straight, so decided to go for the beach waves look. Well, it is not Summer here, but these wavy locks are bringing back sweet memories of days with sun-kissed skin & walks along the beach.

Like my GHD's, this cashmere sweater is another of my trusty favourites. It has such a buttery soft texture and I just love the romantic ruffles.  Plus, it's super warm & cosy.

With waves & ruffles, I was set for the day, to face the cold outside. Somehow, having my two favourites made my day just that little bit brighter. 

What can you not live without?

Hope you have a beautiful weekend, doing the things that make you smile from ear to ear.

Yours in style,

Suzi x

Jeans: Habitual NY, Sweater: Hoss Intropia.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Tiffany 1837

There's nothing quite like standing in front of a Tiffany & Co store, eating a croissant, sipping cafe latte, whilst looking ever-so glamorous. Enveloped in a stunning Black LBD, adorned with pearls, gloves, high heels and a chic handbag. Images of Breakfast at Tiffany's conjure up in my mind, as I peruse the new Tiffany 1837TM collection. 

To celebrate their 175th anniversary, Tiffany & Co have created an exclusive limited edition metal, called RUBEDOTM, a stunning rose luminescent gold. Each piece in the RUBEDOTM collection has been inscribed with the name, Charles Lewis Tiffany, founder of Tiffany & Co. These pieces are only available throughout 2012, making them highly collectible. 

Tiffany & Co is a name synonymous with luxury and quality in workmanship. To own a piece of the RUBEDOTM collection would be an incredible acquisition for anyone. Tiffany & Co are available for purchase online and in stores across the world. Check their website for further details.

Hope you're all having a great week and enjoy what the weekend has to offer you. I will be madly typing away at student reports. What's on for your weekend?

Whatever you do, wherever you are, remember to have fun! Life is far too short.

Yours in style, 

Suzi x

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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Not AnOther Magazine!

"Not another magazine?" you ask. Yes, another magazine. I cannot count on my fingers how many different style magazines I have either perused or purchased over the past year, which have left me searching for more.

While running errands in Malvern on the weekend, I stopped in at the local newsagency which is my go-to-one-stop-shop for style magazines. I usually stock up here because our local newsagency is quite limited in their selection. Whilst perusing the many magazines lining the shelves, my brilliant husband alluded me to this new magazine that we both had never heard of before. I thought instantly to myself, not another (insert a possible naughty word here) magazine. 

I took the magazine home with me, yet again, and wondered if it would be THE magazine I had been searching for all my life- something I could rely on, like a good friend, or curl up to, when the weather outside was cold and miserable.

Well, let me tell you, that this magazine was not just another magazine. It was AnOther Magazine!! Confused? You won't be for long, I promise you. Yes, a magazine with a catchy name. Things had to be fabulous from here on in... 

...and they were! AnOther Magazine is a very interesting read and the styling and photography are simply perfection. It's actually quite a thick magazine and, in my opinion, well worth every penny. Priced at only $10.50, I knew it was a winner.

Published only twice a year, AnOther Magazine is a collector's item for any avid reader & lover of fashion/style/art/design. 

Launched back in 2007, the group behind this fabulous magazine is the Dazed Group, which runs alongside Dazed and Confused and Dazed Digital. FYI, Susie Lau from Susie Bubble (My favourite blogger of all time!) has featured articles in Dazed Digital. 

Since its launch, AnOther Magazine has become world-renowned for its 'reputation for highly original content brought together in its pages by an emerging set of photographers, stylists and writers bound by a search for creativity and authenticity.'1  

So, when you're next looking for THE magazine that you have been ever so desperately trying to find, look no further and when your stylish fashionista friend sees you reading this mag, and they say, "Not another magazine!", You can tell them, "Yes, it is AnOther Magazine and I absolutely love it!!

You might also like to check out their blog too! 

Hope you are all having a beautiful week, filled with the fabulous moments life has to offer. I can tell you that I have been really feeling the cold here in Melbourne, but at least I can keep warm in the comfort of a heated home. I remember to always count my blessings. x

Yours in style,

Suzi x

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I blog, therefore I am

I blog & I live in Melbourne. Two very real elements of my life I am certainly proud of. Just when I thought I couldn't feel prouder, along came Nuffnang Fashionopolis.

There I was, on a chilly Saturday morning, sitting amongst the who's who of the Melbourne fashion scene at 1000 Pound Bend, Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. I was certain that this was the place to be, amongst the buzzing sounds of fashionistas, chatting away face-to-face and over cyberspace, via platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. 

The brainchild behind this extraordinary event was none other than the Lady herself, Lady Melbourne. Phoebe Montague, aka Lady Melbourne, is one of the original Melbourne bloggers, beginning her journey back in 2007. Meeting Phoebes Montague was certainly the highlight of the day. I learned a great deal from her about the business of blogging, including the very important topic of blogging etiquette.

Sponsored by Inner Circle @ Sunglass Hut, I had fun browsing and trying on sunglasses available, from design houses such as Prada and  mui mui. Sunglass Hut staff offered  instant Polaroids. Polaroids have made quite a come back and I must say that it was pretty cool to receive an instant snap of myself. 

Another highlight of the day was Fashion Torque, Melbourne's only live Fashion chat show, founded by the ever fabulous Jenny Bannister and always handsome Philip Boon. Special panelists on the day were Sarah Gale fo Sarah Gale  of The Iconic and Patti Huntington of Frockwriter

The final presentation was on the topic of how to monetise your blog. This segment was presented by Kyra Pybus of Pybus PR, David Krupp of Nuffnang Australia and jewellery designer, Amber Venz of VENZedits.

It was amazing to put many faces to names and meet fellow fashionistas/bloggers in the flesh. There was an awesome sense of community in this one room and I felt really lucky to be a part of something quite unique and fabulous. 

I hope that there are plenty more of these special events for bloggers in the future. When there is, I look forward to sharing the next one with you again.

Have a fashionable day, my special readers!

Yours in style, 

Suzi x

What I'm Wearing: Skirt: Bettina Liano, Shirt: Jolet, Sweater: Ralph Lauren, Bag: Louis Vuitton, Heels: Repetto from Treasurette, Hosiery: Donna Karan NY.