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Everywhere I look, I find inspiration all around me. The other day, while on my way to Chadstone to do a spot of shopping, I stopped at the traffic lights ( I know, boring, hey?), but guess what I saw? A beautiful white, lilac and yellow native flower. (I looked up the flower and it's actually known as the Diates Grandiflora.) That's when my inspiration began! Diates Grandiflora Karla Spetic I started picturing different style ensembles using this colour pallete and my first look was a white blouse tucked into a white skirt, a patent leather lilac skinny belt with lemon coloured heels ! Then I changed it around again to a different combo. The inspiration was whirling around inside of my head!   Kaviar Gauche (Berlin) spring/summer 2011 collection Minka Kelly I found some photographs of a variety of looks using this colour palette. What do you think? Amazing where you can find your style inspiration. Is


I love bows. I have quite a lot of garments which feature bows of some description. I think it's the feminine quality of a bow that grabs my attention. Bows are feminine, flirty and fun! A little while back, Melbourne faced a very cold patch. We were all freaking out because it was rare to have to resort to wearing a cashmere sweater in the middle of Summer!! Well, I guess I am a cold bod, but hey...It was so darn cold!! Anyway, you may have seen this charcoal grey sweater a while back in a previous post (click here ). It's so versatile. The cashmere gauge is fine enough for you to get away with wearing it all year round.  My back skirt by Bettina Liano was the perfect partner in this ensemble. It features a flat bow, which complimented the floaty, soft cashmere bow of the sweater. I love the exposed zip at the back! The venue we were going to for dinner this cold evening, turned out to be much more warmer than I had thought because of its glass d

Style Confidence

I've not always had style confidence. It's something that has evolved with time. There have been days when I have lacked the confidence to pull off certain looks. One of the things that helps to boost your style confidence is feeling good in yourself. If you feel good in yourself, you will feel good in what you wear. I honestly believe self-belief and a healthy body image makes a huge difference with what you choose to wear and how to choose to wear it. Alongside with feeling good about yourself in order to boost your style confidence, wearing what suits you is really important. I have read a plethora of style books (stay tuned for a post about my favourites!) which explain the different body types and what clothes suit each one. When you find a style that flatters you, stick to it! Buy different colours and experiment with patterns and prints as well to add variety to your wardrobe. Here's what I do. I find I enjoy wearing skirts and dresses more

designer mix

Summer fabrics need to be breathable and I find silk to be the creme de la creme of fabrics! Two of my favourite Melbourne designers are Yeojin Bae and Jolet . Silk was featured heavily in their Spring/Summer '11 collections, making them the perfect choice for Summer days!  Here I have paired Yeojin's shantung silk skirt with Jolet's silk chiffon sleeveless shirt, tucked in and buttoned all the way up (last seen here ). I love the juxtaposition of lightweight chiffon with structural shantung silk.  What do you like to wear to keep cool & chic on hot Summer days? I'd love to know! Yours in style, Suzi x What I'm Wearing: Jolet shirt, Yeojin Bae skirt, Repetto wedges.

Fashion as Art

An amazing online purchase arrived in the mail a little while back; a sleeveless, silk digital printed shirt by Jolet . Jolet is the eponymous label of Jolet Ucchino, a Melbourne based designer, who has received accolades for her outstanding designs and digital prints.   T his digital print, entitled Lucid Dream, encapsulates the very essence of Summer; warm, balmy nights, silhouettes walking along the beach, the sunset reflecting on the waters below.   Every collection created by Jolet is based on the emotive side of art. Moods captured within each piece, allow you to interpret the artistic meaning that lies therein. Besides the very fact this garment is made from the highest quality silk and the most technologically advanced digital printing techniques, what I love most about this garment, is its versatility. The range of styling options are endless. I get rather excited when I find a garment that works with many things already in my existing wardr

Inbetween Days

I spent the other day catching up with family who live interstate. The weather turned quite nasty on their arrival, with huge wind storms sweeping many areas of Melbourne.  When the weather hits 19 degrees Celsius in the middle of Summer, it makes you think a bit harder as to what to wear that's neither too hot nor too cold.  I have a few short sleeved sweaters that are my go-to pieces for times like these. I either wear them on their own or layer them. My Ralph Lauren cable knit sweater looks amazing with a white shirt underneath. I chose my 3/4 sleeved shirt because, at this time of the year, I refuse to wear a long sleeved one. It is meant to be summer after all! I like to wear it buttoned all the way up.   Of course, to finish off my casual outfit, I wore my trusty denim jeans. Being straight legged means they are super versatile. They look great with ballet flats, and in this case, tucked into boots. Yes, I gave in and wore

Why can't I wear a scarf?

Scarves have been in fashion for decades. As you know my style icon is Audrey Hepburn and she was one of the women who made the scarf as fashionable as it is today! The only problem with this is that I have found that I am unable to do the scarf thing.   The only time you see me wearing a scarf is in the cooler months of Autumn/Winter. I own one cashmere scarf. That's it! I am not a scarf girl, much to my disappointment. I just find that whenever I try on a scarf, there is too much material around my neck and it makes me feel uncomfortable. I also feel that if the scarf is large, it overwhelms my petite frame.  I think the way around my dilemma may have to be to wear a twilly instead. Have you heard of a twilly? It's a smaller, skinnier version of a scarf. You know, the type you would usually see tied onto designer bags. Well, maybe these little silk delights may just be the answer to my problem! Audrey wearing a twilly     I love anyt