Wednesday, 29 February 2012


I love black & white together. Madame Coco Chanel made this colour combination so chic and fabulous! Nobody does it quite like her. 

On days when I want to keep it simple, I opt for a black/white ensemble. I'm not a big fan of accessories, but if you are, this colour combo is the perfect backdrop for some serious bling!!

Instead of jewellery, I added some sparkly contrast with the sequined belt. This belt actually came with this ever-so-timeless black Max & Co skirt.


If you have been following my blog for some time, you'll know that I really LOVE wearing white singlets and try to update these each season (see this post). This newly acquired number was purchased from Max & Co and it was on sale, which was an added bonus. The straps are a little thin for my liking,  but now they've grown on me, so to speak.

I have been having a very busy week of teaching and I cannot believe how fast this year is going! Not long to go now until the LMFF! I'm getting excited!

How's your week been and what are you looking forward to? 

Oh, I almost forgot to share some exciting news with you!! I am now proud to announce that my new website address is

Yours in style,

Suzi x

What I'm Wearing: Skirt & Singlet-Max & Co, Shoes-Peter Sheppard.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

gelati in the gardens

I was joking with my better half about the outfit I chose to wear to our special family reunion. We needed to travel into the city to the Fitzroy Gardens, and on our journey, we kept eachother entertained by thinking of gelati flavours which matched my oufit. In the end we decided upon raspberry, strawberry, vanilla & mango!

The morning was quite fresh, so I decided to wear a layer of silk/cashmere over my silk chiffon shirt. This magical blend always comes through when I'm in need of extra warmth and comfort. This ensemble was the perfect match for my raspberry coloured skirt! 

For a picnic, flats seemed like the perfect choice, because of their practicality. So I decided to bring a touch of mango to the gelati mix! These mustard coloured, patent leather ballet flats, are so chic and comfortable. They are one of my favourite pairs of Repetto ballet flats, purchased from the fabulous Alice & Deb at Treasurette. Check out my blog post on this fabulous boutique here.

Although my colours were gelati based, I can confirm that there was no gelati consumed on this day! We enjoyed our time relaxing, laughing and sharing stories with family. Overall, it was a perfect day!

Hope that you have all had a magical weekend!

Yours in style,

Suzi x

What I'm Wearing: Sweater-Ralph Lauren, Shirt-Jolet, Skirt-Yeojin Bae, Ballet Flats-Repetto.

Friday, 24 February 2012

I can hear your hearbeat!

OMG! These were the first three words uttered from my mouth when I first cast my eyes on Karla Spetic's new Autumn/Winter '12 collection. The Heart collection has literally taken my breath away. I could feel my heartbeat racing with excitement. I cannot remember the last time that this has happened to me. There are plenty of fantastic creative elements and my mind boggles just thinking about where to begin.

I was taken back to my childhood days of reading comics, only this particular comic would have been snatched away from me before I could turn the first page!! I would have uttered the word, "Mummy, look! They're kissing!"  This is where the collection begins to heat up. 

This sheer skirt is the perfect match, paired with the digital print of a passionate kiss! Very chic & sensual. I love the use of the yellow brogues which add a cute, casual flair to this ensemble.

My heartbeat continued to race as I came across this sheer shirt and skirt! I was thinking the other day that I would really like to delve more into the nude, natural palette and here, I can see this working for me so well. However, I would be wearing a slip underneath! I can see this layered over a black slip. I know a garment is going to be an essential item when I have a list in my head of its many styling options!

So these first couple of pieces from the Heart collection sure got my heart racing, but I wondered whether things would plateau from here on. As I continued to click my mouse to scroll along the look book, I had the feeling I would now be in trouble. I had a serious case of heart palpitations!!!

This skirt rang my bells and whistles because it's so unique, cute and whimsical, all at the same time. I am a fan of skirt which falls above the waist, as I find them to be the most comfortable. This A-line shape suits so many shapes, it's unbelievably practical!

Here's the same garment, but with the sheer skirt draped over the top! It's almost like a movie screen with the curtains drawn over it! The scarlett red brings some added drama to this look.

Below are two dresses from the same collection. The pop of colour is just perfect to brighten up any cold Autumn/Winter's day!

Karla Spetic has also used animal prints in this collection. Here are my two favourite looks to bring out the animal in you!