Saturday, 27 April 2013

beautiful botanics

One thing you may not know about me is that I enjoy pottering around in our cottage garden, located in the front of our property, in my spare time. I always feel wonderful when I connect with nature in this way.  

I also really enjoy spending time walking around beautiful gardens, be it the Melbourne Botanical gardens, Olinda's Rhododendron Gardens or the Ballarat Botanical Gardens, which happens to be one of my personal favourites

Whenever my husband and I travel to Ballarat to visit family, we always make a special trip there. It's just gorgeous! You've got to go if you haven't done so already. The only downside is that Ballarat can get very cold at this time of the year, so you need to make sure you rug up! 

These pictures were taken on our recent trip to Ballarat, which was on Easter Monday. Hope you enjoy them!

Have a lovely Sunday! I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and catching up with my mum for afternoon tea.

Yours in style,

Suzi x

Styling Details

Jeans: Arabella Ramsay
Sweater: By Maelene Birger
Scarf: Eugenie Cashmere
Boots: Paul Green
Handbag: Louis Vuitton Alma in Monogram

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Ahoy sailor!

Every time I have to go out somewhere on the weekend I think of all of the possible outfit options that would best suit the place I'm going and what I'll be doing while I'm there. I'm my own personal stylist!

The particular place I was going to this morning was a shopping complex to pick up some new woollen throws for our leather couches. My outfit of choice comprised of my favourite striped breton top and my high-waisted jeans. It's a casual look that's very French chic. I love the nautical inspired belt, with its stripes and brass buckle. I wore my new black patent pumps for the first time too. I just adore them!

Last night, my husband and I had a wonderful evening catching up with some dear friends. We enjoyed talking for hours and eating scrumptious Italian culinary delights at Ricardo's Trattoria. I even had the most gorgeous gluten free sticky date pudding imaginable. If you haven't yet been there, you're missing out on something very special. Ricardo's comes highly recommended and is located at 99 Dundas Place, Albert Park, Melbourne. 

I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. What did you get up to?

Yours in style,

Suzi x

Styling details

Sweater: Bezoar
Jeans: Habitual
Black Patent Pumps: Bally
Belt: Max & Co

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Getting Waisted

Picture this: a chic cable knit sweater, skinny jeans and ballet flats. It's a good look good, right? To turn it up a notch, simply add a belt at the waist. I call this look "getting waisted". Here I've chosen a black sequined belt, which actually belongs to a Max & Co skirt I purchased a couple of seasons ago. 

Do you like "getting waisted" too? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below, so we can keep in touch! 

Well it's hard to believe that the holidays have come and gone. Work for me tomorrow, which admittedly I'm not really looking forward to after two weeks of sleep-ins and relaxation. It's been divine, but I knew this day had to come eventually. 

Wishing you all a week filled with fun and all things fashion. 

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Yours in style,

Suzi x

Outfit details
Sweater: Ralph Lauren
Jeans: Arabella Ramsay
Top: Fillipa K 
Shoes: Repetto
Belt: Max & Co

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Made in Switzerland

What's made in Switzerland, is beautifully handcrafted and dates back to 1851? Bally Switzerland, of course! Bally has been bringing its loyal clients some of the most luxurious leather  handbags and shoes in the world for hundreds of years.

Historical facts and details usually bore me profusely, but not in this case. Bally's heritage is really quite interesting. In fact, the person who began the national globalisation of the brand as we know it today was a man known none other as Carl Franz Bally, or Papa Bally, an endearing name used by his colleagues.

Carl's business philosophy was based on creating 'exquisitely crafted footwear in the finest materials that are divine to look at, whilst simultaneously functional and enduring.'1  No wonder I love their shoes so much!

Over the years, this prestigious brand has been worn by several famous people in history, such as the first man to walk the moon, Neil Armstrong, and mountaineers, Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing

How's this for a collaboration? NASA and Bally! Together they came up with the patent for the very sole which would take that famous first step onto the moon, as worn by none other than Mr Neil Armstrong himself! As for Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing, they wore Bally hiking boots for their first Mount Everest climb, back in 1953.

I bought my very first pair of Bally shoes a couple of years ago. I chose to purchase a pair of black classic pumps and have been extremely happy with this investment. Since then, they have seen me through many different events and gotten me out of so many fashion binds. Since I had been wearing these Bally pumps more than any other shoes, and since they are my most comfortable heels, I needed to find myself a second pair.  

I chose to shop at Bally, Westfield Doncaster firstly because I always find the customer service to be excellent whenever I'm in there having a browse, and secondly, it's closer for me then their Collins Street store in the city. I found a pair of a similar style of shoe, but in black patent leather and a slightly lower heel. They fit like a glove and look fabulous too! If you wish, you can watch the video below to see these shoes and other styles in greater detail.

Who's your favourite shoe designer? I'd love to know!! Have you bought any shoes lately? If not, which ones have you been coveting?

Hoping you have had an amazing weekend and wishing you a great week ahead!

Yours in style,
Suzi x

Black patent pumps: Bally Switzerland

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*images & video c/o