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sunshine and cashmere ruffles

Right now I'm enjoying a relaxing Friday night on my couch with my laptop, looking for some inspiration for a new blog post. While looking at some happy snaps from April this year, I found these selfies of me in my courtyard; the sun shining upon my face, wearing one of my favourite cashmere sweaters with these cute little ruffles. These photos make me smile, knowing that it won't be too much longer until Spring. Thank God for that! Hope you have great weekend!  Yours in style Suzi x Sweater: Hoss Intropia

M Missoni Prefall 2015

My blog has always been my little hobby and I love how I can return to it whenever I feel like indulging in some of my own "style time", so to speak. My work as a teacher seems world's apart from my love for all things fashion related. But, that's just the thing. How wonderful is it that I can have the best of both world's, my teaching world and my fashion world, as well as my love for all things beautiful?  Talking about all things beautiful, M Missoni's Prefall '15 collection has just been released. The colours are reminiscent of the 70s and having grown up in this era, it fills me with sweet memories, as I reminisce about my childhood. I love the combination of burgundy, brick orange, saffron, turquoise, navy, the geometric prints, iconic stripes and checked designs. There's nothing I don't like about the collection and I'll be feeling rather excited when it hits our Australian shores! What are some designer collections you are loving ri