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Wine country

As some of you who read my blog on a regular basis would know, my husband and I recently went on a road trip around Victoria, the ACT and NSW. On our way back through V i ctoria, we stayed at a country town, well known for its history of winemakers; Rutherglen. Fourteen years ago, my husband proposed to me while we were on a romantic getaway in Rutherglen. This place is filled with nostalgia for the two of us, so we were really looking forward to returning. We chose to stay at Tulleries, which used to actually be a vineyard and still has remnants of the old vineyard, which surrounds the property. Our room was fresh and modern, featuring white, pops of colour and citrus lime green. Rutherglen is fairly limited in so far as top-notch restaurants. One restaurant I can highly recommend is called Taste of Rutherglen. Newly opened, it boasts a black and white checkerboard floor, red walls, local art and fabulous food!  Great wineries to

petite crocodile

I love cute little things...that's my excuse for being a bit obsessed with Lacoste at the moment, and I'm sticking to it. I have quite a lot of garments I wear regularly out and about; usually the type of clothing that's considered dressier than it is casual. When my husband and I went on our road trip, I soon realised what was missing in my wardrobe; casual basics.  Lacoste have been around for as long as I can remember. I usually check out their boutique stores at Chadstone and Doncaster whenever I am there. The last time I went in to Lacoste at Chadstone, I found some nice khakis. I may just have to go into Lacoste and try them on. Casual khakis are chic and feminine. Paired with a heel, I can't see why they can't be dressed up as well. Are you a sucker for a petite crocodile? I have been having a busy weekend with the usual 'same old same old' housework stuff, in conjunction with far more exciting things, like taking my m

apartment living

I don't really like 'roughing it' when we go away, hence we stay in nice hotels and the like. During our stay in Charlestown, NSW, we stayed in a really fabulous apartment. I loved the modern furnishings, monochromatic influences and splashes of colour. I would love to own an apartment to use as a holiday escape! It was really relaxing and had all of life's comforts.  I hope you're having a wonderful Saturday! My day started off really s-l-o-w with a long sleep-in. My brain feels foggy now from too much sleep, but I think I really needed it. Working full time sure is hectic!  Yours in style,  Suzi x Blouse:Max & Co Skirt: Bettina Liano Heels: Repetto 


While we were in Canberra, we visited the Australian War Memorial . What touched me the most was the Roll of Honour in remembrance of those who had lost their lives, fighting for their country, Australia. Poppies are a symbol of this reminder, that they will not be forgotten.  My husband's great uncle fought in the second world war. My grandfather also fought in the same war and lived to tell the tale. Life was extremely hard for any returning soldier. One can only begin to imagine just how hard... On a lighter note, It's been great being back at home! Our dog, Scruffy, was super excited to see us both.  My husband and I had such a wonderful road trip and will definitely be travelling again in the not too distant future. Does this mean we've caught the travel bug?  Hoping your weekend is awesome! Yours in style, Suzi x