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Anna Thomas S/S '13

There's a designer who ticks all of the boxes for me as far as tailoring to my own personal style goes, and that's Australian designer, Anna Thomas.   H aving marked a decade in Australian fashion design this year, Anna Thomas has every right to celebrate. This talented designer has perfected the art of mixing & matching garments effortlessly together, in complimentary colourways. Anna's attention to detail and tailoring is impeccable.  What I love the most about Anna Thomas' Spring/Summer '13 collection is the mix of prints and textures worn together. There's something chic about pairing stripes with prints. The colours are vibrant and perfect for the warmer weather. I adore Anna's use of colourways, my favourites being lemongrass and nautical navy/white/aqua (as pictured). I'm more for the classics than the trends, I really appreciate it when a designer can work classics into contemporary pieces for

Who are you supporting?

Yeojin Bae Alexandra and Genevieve Smart of Ginger & Smart Camilla Freeman Topper & Marc Freeman of Camilla & Marc Becky Cooper and Bridget Yorston of Bec & Bridge Josh Goot Cheryl, Vanessa and Gabrielle Manning of Manning Cartell Kit Willow Podgornik of Willow So you say you want to look after our Australian designers? Yeah? Because without them where would the fashion industry be? Do I hear you right? Well, listen carefully. Yes we should support our designers, but it does come at a cost.  Save your money fashionistas and buy real top notch garments that you're not going to want to throw away at the end of each season. If you buy designer, you are pretty much assured you're buying a top quality garment, made from materials that feel good, look good and stand the test of time. OK, so you say it's too expensive. I understand that, but before you rule this out as an option for you, please hear me out. Add up the total c

Why I blog

One of the reasons I blog is to showcase beautiful fashion and amazing designers, both Australian and abroad. Admittedly, I am one of the very few bloggers who does not have any sponsors, advertisers, nor do I receive freebies at all. This blog is an independent blog, run by little old moi, and I'm proud of that fact. However, what does bother me is the fact that, probably because of this, I do not receive invitations to boutique openings, nor am I invited to emerging and established designer events.  I love supporting Melbourne's beautiful boutiques and designers and enjoy showcasing them here on my blog. So if you are someone in the know and would like to send me an invite, feel free to contact me via email on Hope you're all enjoying your weekend. I'm taking it easy as I am feeling a little bit under the weather. I hope you're enjoying your weekend! Yours in style, Suzi x

A tale of the print pants

There's a little bit of a tale behind these print pants. I was looking around the shops at the designer end of Westfield Doncaster , when I spied in the corner of my eye, a pop of colour hanging on the racks at MaxMara .  Now, when something takes my eye, I have to investigate. I picked up the mustard-coloured, dot print pants and sighed with disappointment when I read the price on the tag. Oh well, I guess I would have to say my sweet goodbyes.  Months later, I go browsing, and low and behold, the same pair of pants catches my eye. I walk in to the store, read the price tag and breathe a sigh of relief. They were on sale! I try on these babies and purchase them. The rest they say is (fashion) history. I love them so much and they are so comfy that I could wear them every day. But I don't. Instead, I savour them, and wait for that perfect moment, which just happened to be today. Have you a tale to tell about a piece of clothing in your clos

Design Master-Aurelio Costarella

Award-winning Australian designer, Aurelio Costarella 's Spring Summer '13 range is simply stunning. With women wanting to look their very best this racing season, choosing a piece from this design master, will have everyone swooning. What I'm loving about this collection are the A-line dresses. They are flattering on almost every figure. What I also love about this collection is the colour palette. Aurelio offers women black & white monochrome looks, as well as very soft, romantic, feminine pastels. For those of you wanting some glitz and glamour, there are dresses perfectly tailored for a cocktail rendezvous or elegant soiree.   What I find truly outstanding about Aurelio's craftmanship is his sheer ability to create stunning gowns and cocktail dresses which flatter the female figure, draping at the right places and cinching in where it is most flattering. I really cannot fault this collection and adore every piece. You can find the n

You are my inspiration

You are the very reason I blog. If it wasn't for you, For the Love of Audrey would not exist. So this post is dedicated to you to say thanks. Thanks for inspiring me each and every day, Audrey. You are, and will always be, my one and only style icon. Beautiful both inside and out...    Your charitable, unselfish ways of helping those who were less fortunate than ourselves, will always be what drives me to become a better person. For that, I thank you. x Who inspires you? Wishing you a perfect Sunday and week ahead. Keep in touch with me here on the blog, on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram . Yours in style, Suzi x images sourced from a variety of sources on images x