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life + family + love = blessed

Do you know how many times I have counted my blessings lately? Many a time. Whereas once I would have taken life for granted, now I see things with a different set of eyes and a fresh perspective. It's so important to be thankful for the simple things in life. Tonight we celebrated life for no good reason just 'because', with myself, my husband and my mother at our home. Who needs a special occasion to celebrate? Life is a celebration and we should be happy that we are a part of it. For our dinner, I cooked some roast vegies and my husband cooked a lovely succulent rack of lamb. We make a great team. Not one of us feels the other does too much or too little. (Another reason I am blessed) We drank French champagne and said a cheers to this wonderful life. Wishing you all a beautiful weekend and for those of you in Australia, a wonderful long weekend. Yours in style, Suzi x Dress: Karen Walker Coasters:Orla Kiely Home Candle: EC


I ordered this stunning Zimmermann dress online after seeing the lack of Summer dresses in my closet. What I love about this dress is the broidery lace. It's absolutely exquisite. Whenever I wear it, I feel beautiful and, as far as I'm concerned, if a garment makes you feel that good, you know you're onto something very special indeed! Wishing you a wonderful week. I am hanging out for the long weekend! Yours in style, Suzi x