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Top Picks from Zara

I've been looking at some blogs for style inspiration and noticed that a lot of the time, people tend to mix up high-end designer with high street brands, such as Zara and Top Shop. 

I jumped online to and here's my top picks from the new Spring/Summer collection. You have to be quick at Zara because things that are heavily sought after get sold out really fast!! 

I've chosen greys/silver combinations, along with nude colour combinations on white, as well as a striking coral colour. A striped loose T paired with bootleg jeans is always chic. You can never go wrong with some leopard printed accessories. Studs are going to be fabulous in Spring/Summer as well, but they don't have to look rough. Opt for studs on lighter colours, such as pretty pinks.

Have you purchased anything from Zara lately  that deserves a special mention?

I went into the OPSM Hub at Hawthorn today and the experience was fabulous! I have purchased two pairs of fabulous eyeglasses. Deets will follow soon. Keep checking in on my blog to keep informed on the latest goss!! 

Have a great week!

Yours in style,

Suzi x


  1. I love all of your top picks! Can't get enough of Zara! Your blog is so cute =)

    Suzie Q

    1. Thanks Suzie Q! Zara is pretty awesome. We're lucky to have two stores in Melbourne.
      Suzi x

  2. Great post and lovely blog! <3 i have my eye on the first grey dress you have posted ever since i spotted it at Royal Ascot! There are some photos on my blog:

    1. Thanks for your comment. The grey dress is my favourite too! I'll have a look at your pics.
      Suzi x

  3. Haha SO funny I was just trolling through the Zara site today looking for new finds! That place is dangerous, so easy to get lost in there and drop waaaay too much money. Hope you're doing well love :)

    Alexandra xo

    1. Sure is! What did you buy? Hope you picked up something fabulous! I'm enjoying the first week of school holidays.
      Hope life is treating you well & you're still loving your internship.
      Suzi x


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