Sunday, 4 May 2014

Audrey turns 85

Audrey Hepburn was to turn 85 today, the 4th May, 2014.

So today, we remember Audrey as being the incredibly charming, graceful & elegant woman she was known for. A woman who was not only known as a style icon, wife, mother, animal lover and Hollywood starlet, but most importantly, a dedicated humanitarian.

To me, style not only encompasses what you choose to wear, but transcends to who we are as people, how we live and treat those around us.

I thank Audrey Hepburn for being not only a style inspiration to me but most importantly, for being a example of a kind and loving person.

Happy 85th birthday Audrey!

Enjoy your weekend beautiful people.

Yours in style

Suzi x

Images from Google with thanks x