Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Blasted Belts!

The only real reason I have ever worn a leather belt in my life was to keep my Levi 501's from falling off me when I had lost weight! 

At present, I own two belts, but they are not leather. One belongs to a Max & Co skirt and it's very functional, sequinned & cute. The other is a satin number which I wrap around my waist and wear as a belt. It belonged to a skirt which I no longer wear. Both belts are comfortable as they don't dig into your skin, unlike their leather counterparts.

Like scarves, I feel that belts are a tad annoying. I cannot seem to bring myself to wearing one. They just feel uncomfortable. It would have to take a pretty special belt to convince me of wearing it!

Well guess what I found when I went to Chadstone? My dream belt! Where, you ask? In Prada (of course!). Guess I won't be wearing a belt anytime soon!

It was such a cute little bow belt ( and you know how much I love bows-see this post!). This dream belt was made from patent black leather (there are other colours, like gold too), featuring a flat bow and was adjustable (added bonus). It was very functional because I could wear it up higher around a sweater or lower adorning a pair of jeans. Priced at just under $500, I walked away, sad faced. 

So, I think I'll pass on the belt thing for the moment, but if anyone knows where I can find a cute patent leather skinny bow belt at a more affordable price, please pass the links my way. 
Thanks. ;)

Yours in style,

Suzi x

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  1. Amazing blog, my dear!!!

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  2. lovely belt, you should try making one for yourself. I am sure the fabric stores stock gold pleather? If not, you could always buy a white or black pleather and spray it gold :)

  3. Beautiful! :)

  4. Great outfit
    Fantastic blog.
    Come and pay us a visit sometime,
    Peace and love,

  5. Style into Action10 February 2012 at 11:18

    Skip the purchased coffee every morning & make it at work instead.
    Eliminate dining out once per week.
    Take a "holiday" on your gym membership for a month.
    Cut out all alcohol for 3 months.

    That should have the belt paid off within 3 months max, but you'll have to buy it outright up front as Prada wont lay-by.

    Does that help? If you really want it, you'll find a way. X


    And they are on sale too :)