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Worth the Wait-Presenting Jolet AW '12 Collection

I loved Jolet's previous collection, but what of her latest Autumn/Winter collection? Jolet continues to weave her creative magic through digital printing, modern silhouettes and fabulously luxurious fabrics.

Streamlined, fitted & A-line silhouettes feature heavily in her new range. I love the fact Jolet has been able to cater to different body shapes by not sticking to the one style. Not everyone likes to wear fitted clothing. 

Ruching, pleating and gathering and twists & turns, add an element of femininity and innocence. This collection speaks volumes for the romantic at heart with digital prints of Parisian landscapes. The muted colours of maroon, blush, greys and blues work perfectly together to soften the look.

Unending Ruffle Neck Blouse- Blush, Idealist Pleat Skirt- Maroon
Unending Ruffle Neck Blouse- Blush, Idealist Pleat Skirt- Maroon
Artificial Elements Silk Shift- Print
Artificial Elements Silk Top- Print, Charlotte Skirt- Black
Dreamer Twist Shirt- Smoke, Romancer Silk Top- Stone, Idealist Trouser- Maroon
Unending Duffle Coat- Maroon, Romancer Silk Top- Stone, Charlotte Culotte- Nude
Dreamer Twist Top- Valentine, Birkin Culotte Pant- Ash
Unending Ruffle Neck Dress- Blush
Dreamer Twist Shirt- Terracotta, Charlotte Culotte- Nude
Charlotte Funnel Neck Top- Black, Unending Ruffle Skirt- Terracotta
Funnel Neck Coat- Lilac
Unending Ruffle Neck Blouse- Taupe, Idealist Trouser- Sand
Artificial Elements Silk Shirt- Print, Faux Short- Ash
Faux Funnel Neck Top- Ash, Faux Pencil Skirt- Ash
Artificial Elements Blazer- Print, Artificial Elements Pant- Print
Artificial Elements Pleat Dress- Print

Artificial Elements Fitted Dress- Print
Heft Coat- Taupe

Here are my favourites:
  • The Unending Ruffle Neck Blouse- Blush & Idealist Pleat Skirt- Maroon
  • Artificial Elements Silk Top- Print & Charlotte Skirt- Black
  • Artificial Elements Silk Shirt- Print & Faux Short - Ash
  • Artificial Elements Pleat Dress - Print

You can purchase these garments from Jolet's new collection online which should be available for purchase in the next week! Make sure to keep coming back to Jolet's website so that you don't miss out on owning a piece, or even several pieces, from this amazing collection. Why not even add Jolet to your favourties. I have!

What's your favourite look? Please leave a comment! I always reply. x 

Have a fabulous week!

Yours in style,
Suzi x

Images courtesy of Jolet.
Special thanks to Jolet & congrats on yet another fabulous collection! x


  1. i like the print fitted dress! this collection is too conservative for me tho haha
    personal style blog
    personal style blog
    personal style blog

  2. Love the ruffle skirt and shirt! Lovely colours in this collection :)

  3. The collection is amazing, love the colour palette used and the dressed in the last few pics are definitely my fave, the print is beaut! X

    1. Yes it is amazing! Jolet is extremely talented!
      Suzi x

  4. cute!!!

  5. That's a great collection! I really like your blog, it would be nice if you could stop by my personal style blog sometime too :) :)

    1. Thanks for your comment! This is my absolute favourite collection of all at the moment!
      Suzi x

  6. The silhouettes of the skirts and pants are seriously unreal, and I love the colour palette! Love when there's a collection that's literally comprised of ONLY things I'd wear, that hardly ever happens!

    Alexandra xo

    1. Exactly! I could wear every piece. So glad I found Jolet!!
      Suzi x


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