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the colour purple

This is going to sound like I'm totally insane, but you'd never believe where I got my inspiration for this blog from...Wait for it...a Holden ute! Now before you start thinking I must be some kind of mad fashion-loving-come-motorhead, the colour of the ute was the gorgeous deep, purple colour imaginable. So the story continues down the track, with this colour embedded in my memory. One night, I was surfing the Internet in my down time, as I do. It's my way of chilling out after a very hectic day of teaching primary-aged children. I checked out Chanel's Ready to Wear collections and their runway videos, my favourite being AW '12/13. Low and behold, what did I see? Amethyst crysals! What colour were they? The colour purple. Anyway, I've posted the video link for you below so you can experience some of Karl Lagerfeld's creative magic for yourself. That man is a pure genius! What's the most bizarre pla

Ballistic for Bally

I have always loved Bally , especially their shoes. They're made with the softest, luxurious leather I have ever worn. Bally were my first ever pair of high end designer shoes and they fit like a glove. So this post is going to be dedicated to one of the most prestigious design houses and their amazingly comfortable, chic shoes.  Here's some of my favourites from Bally's new S/S '12 collection: Which is your favourite? I love the classic black Otty-Crest pump and the teal and navy Palda wedge sandals. Have a great week! Mine will be an interesting one. I finish teaching for the term this coming Wednesday and go on a staff retreat to Creswick for the rest of the week. I'm looking forward to breathing in the crisp, clean country air! Yours in style, Suzi x All images c/o

four seasons in one day

Well, our weather has gone from warm to FREEEZING in one day, would you believe? Melbourne's weather has always had a reputation of having four seasons in one day. I do love the fact it's cold now so I can start wearing my heavier cashmere sweaters. I am a sweater girl after all! So here I am, wearing my favourite cashmere sweater by Spanish designer, Hoss Intropia . I just love the charcoal grey colour and the layered ruffles at the front.    I picked up this fabulous, pink tartan skirt by Denny Rose from Euro Collections situated in Mount Eliza. It was on sale, but was the only one left and, not being a size 12, I put it back on the rack. I couldn't believe my ears when I was told they could alter this skirt to fit me!! So it takes pride of place in my closet. The skirt came with a keyring accessory which I just adore; A coin, bearing the designer's name-Denny Rose, another bearing the name of an animal shelter, which funds f

Aussie Icon Jenny Kee

So just who is Jenny Kee , you ask? With her trademark short bob and red glassses, she one of the most highly recognised and accomplished Australian fashion icons.  Jenny Kee has been creating her fabulous designs since the late 60's, early 70's. Her passion for the Australian environment is reflected in her artwork and designs. I thought it was of vital importance to complete a special feature about Jenny Kee, since she is such an inpsiration, both as an artist and fashion designer, here in Australia and internationally.  I am passionate about supporting and showcasing the vast array of talent in this country. Jenny Kee rates high on this list and has done so for a considerable number of years.  I love Jenny Kee's silk scarves! They are just so colourful. Her scarves come in different designs and sizes as well. There's a scarf to suit any body, myself included. My favourites are the baby bias and baby square, of course!   Jenny

Neutral tones, Black and a touch of Mustard

I enjoy wearing neutral tones, especially beige and camel. This round neck lightweight cashmere sweater is one of my favourite transeasonal pieces. I received it as part of a birthday gift from my husband almost a year ago. I have worn it countless ways and here I've chosen to style it with a black skirt and a touch of mustard. The tree behind me in these pictures is actually a Lemonade Tree. The lemons are perfect for cooking. They're also fabulous for making vodka, lemon & soda! Yum! How's your week going so far? Has anything exciting been happening? I'm looking forward to our day trip this weekend coming. We're travelling to Ballarat to visit my mother-in-law for her birthday.  Yours in style, Suzi x What I'm Wearing: Sweater: Eugenie Cashmere, Skirt: Max & Co, Ballet Flats: Repetto.

skin & threads AW '12

Skin & Threads is an Australian clothing label which specialises in wearable, comfortable and affordable, luxurious casual separates.   Skin & Threads take pride in sourcing 100% natural fibres, making them a first choice product for people who want quality garments that last and last. I know by personal experience, that if you purchase an item from Skin & Threads, it will stay in your wardrobe for years to come. The quality is second to none! Skin & Threads sell basics that can be worn layered, on their own and with other pieces in your existing wardrobe. I love their crew neck, superfine merino wool long sleeve tops, because I like to layer them underneath dresses and sweaters ! There are Skin & Threads stores across Victoria, as well as boutiques which stock the label throughout Australia.  For those of you who live overseas, there are also stockists in Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the USA. In conjunction with

Alexa Chung-Modern Day Style Icon

Introducing Alexa Chung-modern day style icon and UK TV talk show host. I have always loved Alexa's quirky, feminine, gamine look. What I love most about Alexa Chung is that she is not afraid to simply wear what she likes, rather than follow trends. I have commented before about fashion going in and out and style being the one constant. Alexa has that style. She rocks! I also have noticed she wears the same dress many different ways or even the same pair of shoes. This is the way Parisian women dress and it's what I do. I find it so exciting shopping in my own closet, coming up with different oufits.  It helps to keep me inspired and is a great money-saving idea too! Here's some of my favourite pictures of her! Enjoy!   Whilst I appreciate style icons, I never try to emmulate their looks. They offer me such great inspiration to continue to develop my own style, my own way, so I can be just me! That's so importa