Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Not AnOther Magazine!

"Not another magazine?" you ask. Yes, another magazine. I cannot count on my fingers how many different style magazines I have either perused or purchased over the past year, which have left me searching for more.

While running errands in Malvern on the weekend, I stopped in at the local newsagency which is my go-to-one-stop-shop for style magazines. I usually stock up here because our local newsagency is quite limited in their selection. Whilst perusing the many magazines lining the shelves, my brilliant husband alluded me to this new magazine that we both had never heard of before. I thought instantly to myself, not another (insert a possible naughty word here) magazine. 

I took the magazine home with me, yet again, and wondered if it would be THE magazine I had been searching for all my life- something I could rely on, like a good friend, or curl up to, when the weather outside was cold and miserable.

Well, let me tell you, that this magazine was not just another magazine. It was AnOther Magazine!! Confused? You won't be for long, I promise you. Yes, a magazine with a catchy name. Things had to be fabulous from here on in... 

...and they were! AnOther Magazine is a very interesting read and the styling and photography are simply perfection. It's actually quite a thick magazine and, in my opinion, well worth every penny. Priced at only $10.50, I knew it was a winner.

Published only twice a year, AnOther Magazine is a collector's item for any avid reader & lover of fashion/style/art/design. 

Launched back in 2007, the group behind this fabulous magazine is the Dazed Group, which runs alongside Dazed and Confused and Dazed Digital. FYI, Susie Lau from Susie Bubble (My favourite blogger of all time!) has featured articles in Dazed Digital. 

Since its launch, AnOther Magazine has become world-renowned for its 'reputation for highly original content brought together in its pages by an emerging set of photographers, stylists and writers bound by a search for creativity and authenticity.'1  

So, when you're next looking for THE magazine that you have been ever so desperately trying to find, look no further and when your stylish fashionista friend sees you reading this mag, and they say, "Not another magazine!", You can tell them, "Yes, it is AnOther Magazine and I absolutely love it!!

You might also like to check out their blog too! 

Hope you are all having a beautiful week, filled with the fabulous moments life has to offer. I can tell you that I have been really feeling the cold here in Melbourne, but at least I can keep warm in the comfort of a heated home. I remember to always count my blessings. x

Yours in style,

Suzi x

1. Quote taken from www.anothermag.com
Please note that all images are courtesy of anothermag.com, ftape.com, natachamarro.com, fordmodelsfashion.com


  1. Great article Suzi!

    Lisa and I met Susie Bubble in Sydney - she's a gem. So cute.

    Keep up the great work x

    1. Thanks so much Thom! I really appreciate & value your feedback! Meeting Susie Lau would have been so fabulous! She seems like such a sweetheart.
      Suzi x