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Why can't I wear a scarf?

Scarves have been in fashion for decades. As you know my style icon is Audrey Hepburn and she was one of the women who made the scarf as fashionable as it is today! The only problem with this is that I have found that I am unable to do the scarf thing.

The only time you see me wearing a scarf is in the cooler months of Autumn/Winter. I own one cashmere scarf. That's it! I am not a scarf girl, much to my disappointment.

I just find that whenever I try on a scarf, there is too much material around my neck and it makes me feel uncomfortable. I also feel that if the scarf is large, it overwhelms my petite frame. 

I think the way around my dilemma may have to be to wear a twilly instead. Have you heard of a twilly? It's a smaller, skinnier version of a scarf. You know, the type you would usually see tied onto designer bags. Well, maybe these little silk delights may just be the answer to my problem!

Audrey wearing a twilly
I love anything made from silk, and when it comes to scarves, only one name comes to mind-Hermes Paris! Hermes is famous for their silk scarves, which come in a range of exquisite prints and colours. Silk is the  perfect choice during the summer months because it is made from natural fibres. This means it is more comfortable and cooler to wear than its polyester/nylon counterparts.