Saturday, 2 November 2013

Spring racing Audrey style

I closed my eyes and imagined what Audrey Hepburn would be wearing to the Melbourne Cup. I could picture her sheer beauty and elegance. These images provide inspiration to all of you who are attending the races. For those of you not attending, why not use these images for inspiration when planning for your next special occasion.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend! For my readers who live abroad, the city in which I live, Melbourne, has a very special horse racing carnival during Spring, so we get a day off on Melbourne Cup Day, this coming Tuesday, 5th of November. Some people are lucky enough to get a long weekend, like myself. 

Today my husband and I went for a drive to Ballarat. The weather was just perfect for a lovely little picnic.

Yours in style,

Suzi x


  1. I LOVE the sculpted white flower-esque hat she's wearing! I wish I could pull off hats as well as she does!


  2. Love her, she's my Style Icon too!
    Amber Renae
    The Style Engineer